Developed by Huawei over a four- time period, the” unbreakable” Kunlun glass is created using a special process that includes 108 different procedures including 24 hours of crystal clear growth and a melting process that takes place at a sizzling hot 1600 degrees.

Thanks to billions of high- strength nanocrystals, Kunlun glass reportedly handles an impact 10 times better than any other smartphone glass.PBK Reviews put the orange Huawei Mate 50 through a drop test to see how the Kunlun glass holds up after getting dropped on concrete from colorful heights.

Kunlun glass is the first smartphone glass to admit a five- star review from Switzerland’s SGS which is a testing, examination, and instrument company. Reportedly, only the orange- colored Mate 50 units have the Kunlun glass onboard.

These models also have IP68 dust and water resistance that allows the phone to be submerged in freshwater as deep as19.7 bases for over to 30 twinkles.A concrete drop test shows how strong Huawei’s Kunlun glass really is

The first drop was from midriff high and was targeted to land on the phone’s6.74- inch AMOLED display. The side of the screen showed some scrapes as did the corners of the frame. Other than that, the glass held up veritably well.

The alternate drop was from head grandly, screen side down, onto the concrete. Luckily for the phone, the device twisted before it hit the ground and the glass noway touched the concrete and the phone landed on its backside.

So there was no damage to the glass after that drop but we clearly could not chalk it up to the strength of the Kunlun glass. So another attempt was made to drop the Mate 50 Pro on the screen from head grandly.

On this attempt, the glass did kiss the concrete but there was no damage to thedisplay.So far, the sides of the device were scraped up but the glass looked pristine. The fourth and final drop was a midriff-high fall on the phone’s back.

This redounded in a couple of small scrapes and the first crack on the frontal glass which started from a point where the frame had been bent after a former drop. This was a hairline crack that couldn’t be felt when running a cutlet overit.

The host of the videotape points out that the Gorilla Glass Victus 2 defended displays on both the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Ultra cracked on the veritably first drop( midriff-high, screen down) when he drop- tested them lately. His conclusion?

He would like to see further smartphones use the Kunlun glass that Huawei used on the Mate 50 Pro.The Huawei P60 line is anticipated to be unveiled coming month

Coming month, Huawei is anticipated to introduce the photography- grounded P60 series and this flagship line should also feature Kunlun glass.

Besides the inured glass display, other inventions on the Mate 50 Pro that should be set up on the P60 Pro include Huawei’s in- house XMAGE photography system and the Low battery exigency mode.

This kicks in with only 1 of battery life remaining and allows druggies to make up to 12 twinkles of phone calls while keeping the device running on buttress for over to threehours.

The Kunlun glass and the other inventions show that indeed with the United States holding one hand behind the Chinese manufacturer’s back, it can still come up with good inventions.

And the rearmost reports have Huawei testing their own chipsets although these will not be made using the same slice- edge process bumps that are employed by both TSMC and Samsung Foundry.

Right now, Huawei can use the rearmost Snapdragon chipsets but only after they’re tweaked to help them from supporting 5G.

Still, Huawei could lose the capability to gain indeed these hindered chipsets now that the Biden administration has decided to get tougher on approving import licenses for shipments to Huawei.